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I’m not going to say anything that will shatter the earth in this blog, because it’s all already been said. I think maybe my generation are starting to listen a little bit more too. I believe it’s so important to support independent business/creative ventures. I am lucky to have a bunch of friends that are INCREDIBLY talented.

My friend Karen is the owner of a papercut company – she makes the cutest art work, but there’s such an in depth process behind it. She uses card and a scalpel to cut out her designs – making greetings cards, prints and even the blog header at the top of this page. How she has any finger tips left, or any patience for that matter, I’ll never know. Her Gilmore Girls, Stars Hollow map was recently featured on a buzzfeed list of items every Gilly should own. Her stuff is intricate and so, so cool.

My friends Scott, Ben and Carl are in a band that satisfies every ounce of my endless desire to experience the beat era. Their band is called Lucille, named after BB King’s guitar, and if that isn’t the coolest thing in the world I don’t know what is. I first saw them play when my sister was bartending at an open mic night and she recommended them. Since then I haven’t left them alone, and have essentially forced them into being my buddies.  But it’s just that honestly, their music makes me SO happy. It takes me out of 2016, and into 1958, where I’m partying with Jack Kerouac, standing up against oppression and ‘fighting the good fight’. I struggle with the mundaneness of adult life sometimes. I try really hard to make it not mundane, but sometimes, in order to keep the bills paid and the wolf away from the door, it kind of is. Lucille’s live show isn’t a complete departure from the roots of reality, it’s more like an acknowledgement that it exists, and then says fuck it, let’s dance.

Since getting to know Lucille, Ben, their drummer has also joined a band called Cold Water Souls. CWS create music that is heavy but melodic, dark, moody and has these insanely powerful but beautiful vocals that will permeate your bones and sink in for days afterwards. Their live show is an atmospheric haze. Whilst Lucille allow you to dance your troubles away, CWS lift them out of you and burns them into a cloud of navy blue smoke that swirls into patterns above your head. Metaphorically, obviously. Please do not smoke indoors at CWS gigs, this has been a public service announcement.

Whilst I also love my iphone, starbucks and Beyonce, I just think if you want to really customise your life experience, you won’t find that richness at the bottom of a Christmas red cup which you specifically bought to pad out your instagram feed. For me at least, it’s found in those independent creators who haven’t been polished to the Nth degree, and don’t have a huge marketing team behind them.

Anyway, as I say, this isn’t really anything earth shattering. Partly I was just thinking about all the awesome things my friends are up to, but also I just think people expect creativity for free too often these days. If like me, you have attachments to independent creatives who enrich your life, show them some love. Support them. Don’t expect shit for free. They might do what they do for the love of it, but sacrificing time to create, when you’re a grown up, can be hard to manage, and they deserve mega praise for doing it.

And if you are purely a chain consumer, oh my god look around! Try an independent restaurant, watch an indie film, go to a local gig. Not saying this to preach, I just think it’ll make you happy 🙂

Anyway, go and check out what the guys I spoke about above are up to:


And in a directly opposing note, i got a new phone and a new lipstick today and i’m v pleased about this.




The Power of Positivity


When I was 16, my boyfriend at the time introduced me to a then little known band named Paramore. I didn’t know it at the time, but sitting on his sofa watching 17 year old Hayley Williams handbang her way through the video for pressure would change who I was as a person forever.

Not long after that first taste of Paramore’s music I became a dedicated fan. A few years later, Hayley gave a testament about the importance of positivity for a company ran by Toby Morse (singer of a band called H20). Her words in that video changed my entire perspective on life. She spoke about how she liked to surround herself with people who made choices so that they could be happy. I’d never really heard anybody speak like that before. I’ve since learned that instant gratification and long term happiness are very different beasts, which eat very different food.

The power of positivity is something that I try and keep in the back of my mind. It’s not always easy. For example, over the last year, I’ve gained about a stone of the four stone I originally lost. It’s discouraging, and I feel like the grip I had on my health has been doused in oil and I’m constantly battling to get a firm hold on it again.

The last few days have been terrible in terms of health. It’s been my birthday, and I’ve eaten SO much junk and not worked out (aside from walking 16km around London yesterday). The result is that I’m left feeling sluggish, heavy and generally unhealthy. When I feel like that, it’s hard to keep the self loathing and negativity at bay.

It’s times like that, where Hayley’s testament really helps me out. I try to remember that long term happiness comes from making a series of positive choices and decisions. I’m in control of those decisions. And I can start making them again any time I choose to.

Tomorrow, I’m getting back on the healthy lifestyle wagon.