The Pudding Pantry – Nottingham

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I’ve now lived in Nottingham for just over 15 months and I’ve been meaning to try The Pudding Pantry for about 13 of those months. I’d heard a few things about TPP. My work wife, Kerry, had mentioned how great the waffles at TPP are. To be fair though, her sweet tooth rivals that of Augustus Gloop. I’m pretty sure she’d recommend a tub of shop bought cake frosting with a similar level of enthusiasm, so her opinion might not be the most trustworthy one.


Reserved from 3 for Afternoon Tea 🙂

On a rare, sunny Sunday morning, Andy and I went into town to try the place out for ourselves. We also needed fuel for a day of pokemon hunting, so you know. Two birds, one stone. I ordered a plate of courgette and sweetcorn fritters, which came with smashed avocado (as according to 2k16 instagram brunch laws) and a finely chopped salsa and sour cream. I also ordered some smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, because damn, if I’m having breakfast and lunch in one meal you’d better believe I’m ordering up. Andy opted for the typical  bloke option – The Pudding Pantry’s version of a full English. Bacon, garlic fried mushrooms, 2 pancakes, baked beans, scrambled eggs and a sausage for good measure. Oi oi.


TPP’s scenery is lovely. It somehow made me feel like I was relaxing in a little seaside town, rather than slap bang in the city centre of landlocked Nottingham. I really enjoyed the experience, but If I’m being entirely honest though, I think the food could have been better. The fritters were a little bit heavy and bland. For me they were missing that kick of flavour, that slap around the chops that makes you want to keep going back for more. They were pleasant enough, but lacked the violence I apparently desire from my food. Even the fresh salsa didn’t save the cause, which I’m sure was intention. A sprinkle of smoked paprika or the tang of feta cheese – just something that makes it stand out would have helped the dish pop so much more. At a cost of nearly £30 for brunch for 2, I kind of just expected a bit more oomph to it.

Ambience: 7/10

Food: 6/10

Bang for buck: 6/10

Would I go back?: Yes, but probably not for brunch. (I do wanna try one of their insane looking freakshakes!)



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