Jamie Oliver’s Skinny Carbonara

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I don’t think I can quite express my love for Jamie Oliver. He is 100% my food idol. I love that he is a genuine creator of incredible dishes, rather than an adaptor. Not that there’s anything wrong with being an adaptor. I suppose technically, adapting is a form of creating. Kind of like riding a bike with stabilisers. You might not be doing it ALL by yourself, but nobody can argue you ain’t riding that bike. 

Anyway. Jamie calls this his skinny carbonara. Honestly, I have to say I’m not sure I 100% agree with that title. There’s no getting around the fact it just doesn’t taste like carbonara. However, that’s not to say it doesn’t taste incredible. Actually it’s one of those stupidly moreish dishes that seems to get tastier with every fork full. The base is made up of peas, basil, lemon juice, Parmesan, garlic and toasted almonds. Not your usual suspects. You also add in the more traditional to carbonara, crispy streaky bacon. Jamie’s recipe calls for one slice between 2 people. Now I have to be honest, I did use 2 slices. So sue me. Mine can be called slim carbonara rather than skinny.   

After mixing the blended pea purée, bacon and spaghetti together with a bit of leftover pasta water, you add in a mix of 100g low fat yoghurt and a large free range egg, whisked together. I love this bit. This is the foodie equivalent of removing the bucket from the top of a sand castle. Not enough heat, the egg won’t cook, too much heat and it will scramble. The danger! The thrill!! The adrenaline! Hold onto your knickers girls, it’s carbonara time! Wahhhhh! 

Thankfully, mine worked a treat. (I can practically hear your sigh of relief – God the tension). The yoghurty egg mixture helps the pea purée to really enrobe your spaghetti. (I once went on a date with a chef and he said that’s what it’s called when you coat pasta in sauce…if that’s the wrong term, blame him for being a git, not me.) 

This is my finished product:

This kind of dinner seems really fitting for today’s weather. It’s real October weather in Nottingham today. Not freezing cold, but there’s a big old blustery wind that has blanketed our entire street with fallen leaves. It’s quite pretty actually. It’s the sort of weather that makes you want to put the fire on and cosy up with a blanket and a bowl of something carby and comforting. This dish is particular handy because you don’t have to worry about breaking your weekday solace of healthy eating, but still feel like you’re having a treat. 
So far, I have to say I’m pretty impressed with this series. Well done Jamie, well done. For the full recipe and method, click here!


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