Scones & Cream at Sherwood Forest

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For anybody who might not know, Sherwood Forest is a legit place, not just a mythical hideyhole for ethical thieves. It’s just north of Nottingham, where I live; so today we decided to have a little walk around and enjoy the Autumn weather before it gets mega cold. See some rather cliche pictures below:

This is the Major Oak Tree, which is apparently England’s tree of the year. I have a few questions about that. First of all, who knew that was even a thing? Second of all, who the hell is voting in that? Is there a whole world of tree people I’m not aware of? Either way, I mean. The tree has to have scaffolding to hold it up, it’s fairly beastly. There were loads of people taking photos of their kids in front of it, which just seemed really funny to me – until I realised I was even sillier, I don’t even have a kid, I was just taking a photo of a tree. Maybe I’m a tree people! Get me a voting form!  

I just had to. 

Annnnnd best of all, you can’t go to a national park and not stop at the coffee shop for a cuppa and a scone.

And now I must run 300 miles for my sins. 


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