10 Lessons I Learned from Moving Out of My Parents House

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  1. Washing detergent is the most horrifyingly expensive item in the entire world. Every single time I buy it, I end up having a very heated internal debate about the pros and cons of not stinking. Thankfully for everybody involved in my life (self included) the pros do tend to outweigh the cons.
  2. Sadly, bathrooms do not stay clean for very long.
    1. Additionally, at first cleaning the bathroom is the most disgusting thing in the history of things. Until eventually it kind of starts to become normal. That is horrifying on a whole new level. Am I now disgusting for not feeling disgusted by cleaning the bathroom, or am I just a regular grown up who has completed this ungodly chore one too many times to care anymore?
  3. The ‘little touches’ genuinely make the difference between a house and a home. Candle in a lantern thingy? Gimme that. Tealights? Yes please. Oversized sofa cushions and throws? Come to mama!
  4. MY GOD WHY ARE THERE SO MANY DISHES TO WASH?! (Perhaps not as prevalent if you aren’t a foodie/baker who insists on trialling new recipes at least once or twice a week).
  5. Wine bottles double up nicely as rolling pins.
  6. Lamps and don’t usually (in my experience) come with a lightbulb. What the hell is that all about? That said though, an excuse for a trip to wilko’s isn’t such a bad thing – their pick n mix is A+.
  7. Laminate floorings are simultaneously the best thing and the worst thing ever. Yay for easy clean up, but who knew that crumbs and dust could exist in such abundance in such a small living space?
  8. Rugs – when I first started looking at rugs to buy online, I briefly wondered if the website had made an error in it’s pricings. £140 for a rug? HOW?!
  9. Remember the years of shivering through October with your parents telling you to put on another jumper, because the heating isn’t going on until mid-November? Yeah, as you watch your gas/electric bill rise at the speed of an actual space rocket, you will soon begin to realise that putting on a jumper isn’t such an unreasonable request.
    1. (This is also the reason that I have 2 throws on the sofa and double duvet hidden behind it. We’re not cheap, we’re ‘cosy’.)
  10. Moving out (particularly to a different city) is great. You grow up in a different way, you learn how to properly be an adult; but also, whenever you go back to your parents’ house they’re actually pleased to see you; and will merrily ply you with free food. Good times.

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