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I’m struggling a bit at the minute. I seem to be stuck in this place of transition, but I’m not sure where/what I’m transitioning to. I find myself repeatedly struck with the thought that when I’m (hopefully) old and dying, I need to be able to confidently look back on my life and know that it wasn’t boring. I don’t know if there’s life after this one, so I want to make sure I make the most out of the existence I have right now. Carpe diem and all that.

Right now I feel like I’m not doing enough to inject excitement into my existence. I moved out of my parents house in April and I’ve been very cautiously finding my feet since then, not wanting to fuck it all up and find myself asking my parents for money for food two months into the journey. But it’s late July now and I feel like I’ve found my feet. I feel like I’ve found my feet, taken photographs of them from every angle, examined them for 18 hours a day and could teach a class on the structure and appearance of the sodding things. I think it might be time to lose my feet a little bit again.

This is why I’m starting a new project. Remember a few posts ago when I was talking about how much I wanted my foodie life to become more intertwined with my professional life? I want to try and lay some groundwork in that area. I know I’m not equipped to launch a business straight off the bat. I still don’t have enough know how or experience; and the last thing I want to do is naively sink a bunch of money into pro equipment, bulk ingredients, web design and a bunch of other overheads; when I really don’t have a clue. So I’m starting small, with a bit of ‘market research’. I’ve asked 3 of my closest friends to be taste testers for some of the treats I make on a semi regular basis. Once a month I’m going to send them a few different treats and ask them to evaluate how much they like them. I don’t know if this is exactly the right way to do it, but I assume that finding out what people enjoy isn’t a bad place to start.

This weekend is my first day of delivering goodies to people, so we’ll see what the initial collective verdict is. The plan for now, is to continue in this stage for about a year, and then see where I stand in terms of the products. I’m hoping that in that year, I’ll have picked up some skills from my professional life that I’ll be able to transfer when the time is right. I’ll probably talk a bit about the progression of the project here – because why not?

Aaaand if this project isn’t enough to help quench my thirst for excitement and learning, I guess I’ll just have to jump out of a plane or wrestle a gorilla or something.


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