Race for Life 10k

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Have you ever had one of those weeks at work where the best plan of action appears to be to quit, sell your belongings, buy a camper van and piss off to the arse end of nowhere? Well, that’s been my week. I am bloody knackered! However, work life aside I had a pretty awesome Sunday running the Race for Life 10k.

So if I start by explaining that I was a bit concerned about doing this race. For one thing, it was my first ever 10k race. For another, right before my Nike+ ‘peak weeks’ of my training plan, I had to rest my leg because I could feel it on the brink of injury. That took two weeks of rest to get back to full strength, which left me with one week before the race. Aaaaand in that week I somehow (seriously, God knows how) managed to hurt my collar bone doing the oh so strenuous task of…. getting in the car. Yup. You read that correctly. I don’t even have the excuse of having to climb into the back seat of a 3 door car, because I was driving. So I pretty much assumed the powers that be were not looking down fondly at the prospect of me owning this race. But, being a stubborn little shit, on Sunday morning I laced up my running shoes, donned the Lycra and headed off to Darley Park in Derby. 


Let me tell you a thing or two about Darley Park. It fucking sucks. There is zilch parking spaces so you have to walk a mile to the race site before you’ve even started, and then when you get there, there is scarecly a flat surface to be seen. I didn’t notice this at first. I’ll tell you when it did become acutely obvious though – when I was 2km into the race and had yet to stop gathering altitude. I suppose I perhaps should have thought about this when I signed up. After all, I have previously been sledging at this park….

As a lovely little ‘treat’, in addition to the mountainous terrain, Britain decided to have one of its nine hot days a year on Sunday. The sun beamed down and I could legitimately feel my usually translucent white skin sizzling like the skin of a rotisserie chicken as I ran. 

But you know what, in spite of those slight obstacles, I actually really enjoyed myself. Ok, so I didn’t manage to reach my target of 10k in under 60 minutes, but honestly I think given the break in training at a crucial time, the unfamiliar track and the heat, I did pretty darn well.

My favourite thing about these types of events is always the last 100m. The atmosphere is euphoric as music in earphones is drowned out by the sound of people cheering you on. I saw my lovely boyfriend waving his arms around like a loon to spur me on from about 300m away. I mean to be fair, he’s 6’6, it’d be difficult to miss him. But it made me smile so much. My mum managed to get out of work early to come and see me too, and I actually saw a girl I used to work with in a job at we both passionately hated, running the track as well, so that was awesome. 

The race has reactivated the bug in me. A lady at work who I really admire and look up to for about 100 different reasons has asked if I want to do something called Equinox with her and her sister. It’s basically a 24 hour relay, where a team of four take it in turns to run 10k, and see how many they can fit in over the course of 24 hours. It sounds pretty incredible, and I’m nervous as shit, but I think I’m gonna do it. It will keep me motivated and on course with my training.

Next mission: Go. 


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