Red’s True BBQ – Nottingham

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Let me start by saying I am of the belief that if pulled pork were a person it would be a squeaky clean child star, living a fast and exuberant life, experiencing the world, being admired and envied by hoards of adoring followers. Until one day, it all becomes too much. The fresh faced child star we once knew and loved can’t cope with the demands of their relentless schedule and gradually vanishes before our eyes, leaving behind a mere shell of an MDMA addicted twenty year old, realising their career peaked when they were 12, leaving them no choice but to crank out cheap rom coms or dub step albums….

Basically, I think it’s overdone to shit, and the majority of the stuff out there now is simply cheap cuts of slow cooked pork mixed with an additive loaded BBQ sauce from a bottle. Aaaand the same can be said for a lot of BBQ food since it became popular in the UK.

Well, the meat at Red’s is no has been child star. If the meat at Red’s were a celeb it would be freakin’ Beyoncé. Prime cuts of meat, aged, rubbed and smoked to absolute perfection. Myself and the lovely boyfriend went for an anniversary treat. I had the brisket and burnt ends sandwich with 2 giant onion rings and slaw. I legitimately want these very sandwiches served at all future birthdays, my wedding and my funeral.

The brisket was deliciously savoury, melting in my mouth the moment it touched my lips. The burnt ends were like little nuggets of smokey BBQ heaven. And DEM ONION RINGS….

100% recommend the restaurant not only for its day making food, but also for its quirky, almost industrial style decor, friendly staff and the true ‘experince’ of eating out. Worth every penny.

Try not to drool as you ogle the food porn.


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