Saturday Morning Smoothies

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I feel a bit conflicted about smoothies. About 2 years ago I was in love. I’d merrily load up my blender with mixed berries, watermelon and apples galore, with the reckless abandon of one who had not been jaded by the natural fructose police. I still curse the day I found out that blended fruit doesn’t quite have the same nutritional benefits as its whole counterpart, due to the sugar breakdown happening before it’s been digested.

However, that being said, I recently saw a Jamie Oliver video, explaining that if you add a handful of mixed berries to a blender, some natural yoghurt, a handful of porridge oats, a sprinkle of seeds and a splash of water, the game changes. Instead of drinking a cup of preblended fruity sugar, this balanced breakfast smoothie meas your body isn’t just digesting sugar, it’s got fibre, calcium, carbs and protein to work with too. Jamie explains that it’s about balance, which I guess makes sense. After all, most people probably wouldn’t sit down to eat half a punnet of strawberries, half a punnet of raspberries, a generous serving of blueberries, chunks of watermelon, an apple and a mango for their breakfast. By padding out the breakfast smoothie with other healthy ingredients, you’re not only giving yourself a more nutritious and well balanced breakfast, you’re more likely to feel full and satisfied for longer. Winner winner, chicken dinner.


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