Prawn n Corn Friday Night Tea

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Friday night was my last night of freedom. By that, I mean my final night of being the sole occupant of my house. That’s right, on Saturday 20th June 2015, my boyfriend moved in with me. It’s the first time I’ll ever have lived with a boyfriend, so there is quite the heady mix of emotions going through my head. Excitement, nerves, fear that my nicely gingerbread scented living room will become overcome by the waft of boy stench. The usual.

So when Friday night swung round, I wanted to cook myself something ‘nice’. Not going to lie, partly because it was my last night of freedom, partly just because it was a Friday night. After trawling through pages of recipes, I found one on the Ocado website, for a king prawn and corn parcel cooked in baking parchment with coriander and chilli butter. That’ll do the trick.

I couldn’t find raw cook prawns in my supermarket, so I opted for those cooked with the tails still on – does anybody else eat those and relish the crunch they provide, or is it just me? Because the prawns were precooked, I didn’t add them in as soon as the original recipe suggested, in order to avoid mega disappointing prawn shrinkage. To check out the original recipe, click here: clicky click

Here’s the results of my attempts:



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