Pesto Mash & Salmon with Crackling

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When your day starts with you waking up in a blind panic with the realisation that your alarm hasn’t gone off, you become slightly weary about what the rest of the day holds. That’s exactly the way my day began, so I was rather chuffed when despite all early indicators, my day went reasonably well. I had a good meeting with my boss, got lots of work done and ordered a couple of items from my ASOS wishlist. Rejoice! The real icing on the cake though, was having an unexpectedly MARVELLOUS tea.

I go food shopping on Friday nights, so when I write meal plans they run from Friday to the following Thursday. When I was writing last week’s meal plan, I was struggling to think of Thursday night’s dinner. First world problems, right? Anyway I rushedly scribbled down salmon and potatoes, knowing I’d have both ingredients in. But as I was sat at my desk today, pondering the unexpected positivity that the day had brought, I was struck by a delicious thought. Fast forward to 5.30pm, and there lies the creation of the epic Thursday night tea.  


The beauty pictured above is pesto mashed potatoes, pan fried salmon, broccoli and the piece de resistance of salmon crackling. This dinner took approximately 20 minutes to make and is basically the food stuffs fit for the Queen. Or at least for preveganism Beyonce. 

For anybody wondering, to make the salmon crackling, I cooked the salmon, skin side down for about 5 minutes in a frying pan sprayed with fry light. After the 5 minutes, I flip the fish so it’s skin side up in the pan. At this point the skin should be crisp enough to peel away from the fish using a knife. You create the crackling effect by crisping up the side of the salmon skin that hasn’t yet directly touched the pan, by err, putting it directly into the pan. Leave until the rest of the salmon is cooked. You should then have a delicious, crisp piece of salmon skin that snaps like a really, really good piece of pork crackling. 

Bon appetit!


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