I Lost My Cakespiration


When I’m not focusing on weight loss, fitness and meal planning I’m generally thinking about my next bake. It’s now become an office policy that people can request a birthday bake from me. So far I’ve done Terry’s chocolate orange brownies, lemon and white choc loaf, salted caramel chocolate drizzle cake and Oreo cupcakes.

The problem is, at the minute I seem to be in a bit of a cakey creative block. I can’t think of a single thing that I want to bake that I haven’t done to death already. Here are some of the bakes I’ve enjoyed doing, but I really want to progress. I’ve never been a natural baker. I feel like I have more freedom with cooking, and that I can experiment on a whim more easily. I think part of of the problem is that I’m worried that if I experiment with baking, things will go wrong and I’ll have wasted a bunch of money and time for nothing. Does anybody reading this have any suggestions on how to break down the barriers that box you in creatively?



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