OITNB & Mexcian Chicken Salad

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I’m currently sat at my desk at work (I get in early, I’m not a skiver!), bleary eyed, wondering what the hell happened to me over the last 48 hours. I remember getting home from work on Friday night after doing my food shop. The rest of the weekend appears to have taken place in a blur of jump suits, Pepsi Max and pjs. To all of you seasoned binge watchers, I’m sure 13 hours of Netflix over the course of a weekend is an amount worth scoffing at, but I’m more of a 2 episodes a night kinda gal. I feel like I have a TV hangover!

Orange is the New Black season 3 was everything I wanted it to be. I loved getting to see the characters before they were locked up, and getting to understand their stories. I found myself laughing, crying and being angry in almost every episode. I won’t give away any specific details, but yes. Overall, an incredible season.

Before I fell down the Netflix rabbit hole though, I seem to remember an epic chicken salad taking place. I’m well aware that the word epic and the phrase chicken salad usually don’t fit together in one sentence, but believe me, this salad is worthy. Behold, the glory that was my Friday night Mexican Chicken Salad:

I call this my Mexican chicken salad, but please bear in mind that its architect is an exceptionally white British girl who has never set foot inside Mexico. I’m aware that this isn’t Mexican food. I suppose a more accurate name would be ‘Sort of Mexican Fajita Inspired Chicken Salad’ but I mean come on, that’s a bit of a mouth full.

So what went into this Godly dish?

Romaine lettuce, baby plum tomatoes, corn, chargrilled artichhokes, blackened red peppers, green jalapenos, warm chicken, wedges of avocado, chopped cucumber, a small handful of crushed nachos and a sour cream/garlic oil dressing to finish.

The combination of ingredients in this salad mean that it is packed with a range of healthy veggies and protein and a couple of little treats. You don’t feel like you’ve compromised a ‘nice’ meal to have something healthy, because this is just as satisfying.

I think the key with salads, particularly if they just seem uninteresting to you, is to think outside of the lettuce, cucumber and tomato shaped box. Grated carrots, red onion, slices of strawberries, black beans, artichokes, sun dried tomatoes and stuffed olives all add flavour, texture and variety to a salad. Try peeling your cucumber with a vegetable peeler for long, thin ribbons of veg rather than the traditional crunchy slices. Top with hummus, chicken breast, feta, eggs or flakes of tuna or salmon to make sure you get your protein hit.

Salads often get a bad rep, but with a bit of imagination there’s no reason they can’t be just as much of a treat as a big old dish of spaghetti marinara.


2 thoughts on “OITNB & Mexcian Chicken Salad

    1. Hi! Thanks! I’m sat at work counting down the minutes until 12.30 so I can go get my lunch, this salad definitely looks appealing right now.
      I’ll go check out your blog on my break. Love a good ole’ foodie blog!

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