Squash It Sandwich (veggie friendly!)

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I developed a massive girl crush on Athina Andrelos when I was approximately 17 years old and she sang in a pop punk band called Consort with Romeo. Fast forward 8 years and she now works at Jamie Oliver HQ and hosts an instagram video series entitled ‘Cook Stuff, Eat Stuff’ (and for anyone interested, my girl crush is still going strong). The idea behind the videos is to give simple instructions to create delicious, healthy dishes. Over the past week, I’ve been testing out her most recent endeavour, the Food Revolution Day squash it sandwich, as seen below:

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SQUASH IT SANDWICH! As all you lovely lot know (since I wouldn't stop banging on about it) we celebrated Food Revolution Day recently here at the @jamieoliver camp – as well as across the whole world – MADNESS. I rounded up some of the work gang to help me make one of the many Food Revolution Day recipes, all of which can be found on www.foodrevolutionday.com ๐ŸŽˆThis sandwich is super easy to make and very nutritious so why not try it for lunch one day this week? If you've signed the petition to fight for food education in schools then a massive thank you. If you haven't already then please join the fight, since scarily 42 million children under the age of five are either overweight or obese across the world. You can do so at www.change.org/jamieoliver I can't wait to see your versions of this! Tag #CookStuffEatStuff and happy squashing! Thank you to badman @leonardday for the iPhone skillz ๐Ÿ™Œ

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When I first came across the recipe, the first thing that struck me was how unique it was. Athina/the FRD team combine crunchy veggies with a balsamic/sunflower seed dressing and load onto hummus and cottage cheese spread bread. (Lol, poet). I’ve see roasted veg and hummus wraps lined up in supermarket ‘food to go’ fridges, and everybody who has ever been on a weight loss programme will know about cottage cheese; but it’s the recipe brings together ingredients you wouldn’t usually consider as sandwich fillings that makes the Squash It so special. I feel a bit daft branding a sandwich ‘innovative’, but really, that’s what it is.  

The instagram video is quite fast, but from what I can see, the recipe calls for radishes, carrot, pepper and apple (although I omit this, as I’m not big on sweet/savoury together). These veggies are wrapped in a tea towel and crushed – I used a pan. Very satisfying after a somewhat difficult work day.

As per the recipe, I then mixed sunflower seeds, raw garden peas, cress, olive oil and balsamic vinegar in a bowl:

I mixy mixed them all together:

And spread onto a wholewheat cob, one side spread with reduced fat hummus and one side spread with cottage cheese with chives:

This is honestly one of the most delicious sandwiches I’ve eaten in a long, long time. Not the best healthy sandwich I’ve eaten in a long time – the best sandwich I’ve eaten in a long time full stop. The fact that it is loaded with nutritional goodies is just an added bonus. Another thing I loved about this lunch was that it kept me full until I was ready to leave the office at half 4. This is quite an incredible feat considering I am essentially a human dustbin. Trust me, as much as I control it and eat healthily now, I did not come to weigh 200 pounds at the age of 19 without having help from an enormous appetite. If you’re looking for a healthy packed lunch that covers all your nutritional bases, look no further than the Squash It Sandwich.


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