Mandatory British Barbecuing

barbecue, food

For anybody that doesn’t live in the UK, it will probably be a bit difficult to understand the overwhelming scent of barbecuing meat that wafts down the streets literally the minute the sun even suggests it might stay out for longer than 3.2 seconds. In a land of grey, clouds and rain, we have to seize the opportunity when we can dammit, and seize it we do.

Mr Boyfriend complains (a lot) about how I never cook lamb when he’s around. It’s not intentional, it’s just the way my meal plans work, I swear! This weekend I decided to treat the handsome devil, and make him a lamb souvlaki on the barbecue. I bet he thought all of his birthdays had come at once.

There is very little that compares to my foodie experience of eating a true souvlaki in Kos a few years ago, sat in a proper Greek taverna. Clutching on desperately to the hopes of recreating that experience in the UK is what lead me to this recipe.

It’s pretty simple – take some lamb steaks, dice them, drizzle them in olive oil, red wine vinegar, sprinkle over oregano and a bit of lemon juice and marinate. Poke onto a skewer and barbecue until cooked. As I am not a heathen, I served this with pita and tzatziki. Muchos pleasant.

For some god forsaken reason, I don’t seem to be able to rotate that picture. Anyway, this really was delicious, although I only marinated for 4 hours – I really think with this kind of dish, it should be overnight or bust.

Anyway, after proudly doing my bit to withhold the British Barbecuing stereotype, I am now off for an Options hot chocolate before bed. I have a 4 mile run tomorrow, and I’d really like to get it out of the way before work. Yay 4.45am alarms!


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