Pepper, cashew and parsley pesto

cooking, food

Quite the concoction isn’t it? I tried this alternative to a traditional basil/pine nut/Parmesan pesto a couple of nights ago, using it to dress wholewheat spaghetti. I felt very middle class darling. (Lolz).

If you’re a lover of sweet and savoury foods together, I think this would be exactly your cup of tea. The roasted peppers really do bring a heavy sweetness with them, and I found myself adding more salt than I normally like to use in cooking to counteract this. (I’m one of those things freaks who doesn’t like pineapple on her pizza or sweet & sour sauce

from the Chinese). In hindsight though, I’m wondering if a splash of red wine vinegar or perhaps an extra half of a garlic clove might have cut through the sweetness instead. Experiments for another time!

The thing I enjoyed the most about this dish was how easy it is to make. It’s literally a put stuff in a processor and whiz it up type affair. Also, I was actually able to buy all of the ingredients for this dish from aldi. The roasted peppers can be found in a jar with the olives and artichokes (usually on a shelf above one of the freezer chests). So this is also a relatively cheap dinner.

The recipe called for one drained jar of roast peppers, cashew nuts, parsley, a clove of garlic, Parmesan, olive oil and salt and pepper so season. Another gloriously satisfying thing about this recipe, is that once it’s blended, it fits perfectly back into the pepper jar! I do love it when a plan comes together!

I just served this dish with a very simple side salad, but if you were looking for an extra protein boost, chicken would go well with it too.


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