Podcast Recommendation for Runners

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In the past when I’ve tried to listen to podcasts or audiobooks whilst running, I tend to become filled with a terrible rage that makes me wish painful ailments upon whatever imbecile is babbling on about nothing whilst I’m trying to focus on not dying. As you may have guessed, I am not a natural runner. With that in mind, I generally listen to a lot of rock music whilst I run as it matches the seething aggression inside of me. Now that I think about it, it’s no wonder I feel so good after I run. I’ve probably left any negativity inside me on the pavement, in droplets of sweat. Nice…

As I mentioned on a previous blog post, I’ve started running in the mornings. Now, I’m a morning person, I really am, and I love my music. But dear god, the thought of guitars and emo wailing in my ears at 5.30am is just too damn much. My ears need warming up to the world gently. Although I’m not sure that gentle is really an appropriate word for Shane Dawson’s Podcast, Shane and Friends…


I’ve been listening to Shane’s podcast for the last couple of runs and have found it to be the gleefully distracting – seriously, the glee whenever I manage to distract myself from the fact that I’m STILL only 3 miles in is pretty damn real. The pace is fast enough that you don’t get bored, the presenters are funny enough that you forget that it’s 5.30am and offensive enough to keep you listening. That’s right, don’t download Shane & Friends if you’re easily offended, because it’s pretty much certain that you will be, but for those who, like me, have a slightly darker sense of humour – you’ll love it! The podcasts contain a lot of pop culture references and often feature YouTubers as guests – which makes sense given Shane is one of the most subscribed YouTubers in the entire world.

Give it a go if you’re that way inclined, because nothing can quite describe the weird feeling you get whilst sweating your ass off, trying not to laugh at a story about 12 year old Shane doing very rude things with a tooth brush.


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