Mega Veggie Loaded Stir Fry

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A very quick post today – my body appears to have taken to waking up with the sun, at about 4.30am and refusing to go back to sleep. I’m not convinced the matchsticks keeping my eyes open are going to hold out for much longer, but alas! That is a battle for another time.

Tonight’s tea consisted of a prawn and veggie stir fry with a half serving of brown rice. I’m usually not a carb cutter, because I believe in having a balanced meal rather than restricting. But I’d already had a bagel for breakfast, a couple of oatcakes with some fruit for a snack and a rye bread sandwich at lunch, so I felt like a half serving of rice was probably quite sufficient tonight. After all, I’m not sure 5km week night runs really require carb loading. Man. I wish.

Simply put, I bloody love a good stir fry for three reasons: A) tasty tasty Asian foods, B) great opportunity to get a bajillion servings of fruit and veg into one bowl, C) super easy to make without using 84 different pans. Giving a recipe for a stir fry seems a bit silly really, since you can basically just put any veggies you like into a pan with whatever flavourings you enjoy and go for it. But hey! Just in case anybody reading is absolutely dying to make this exact recipe

Tonight I used 5 garlic cloves, a third of a red onion, 1 spring onion, 1.5 courgettes, 2 handfuls of frozen broccoli and 1 handful of frozen green beans (microwaved together to cook before adding into the main stir fry pan to avoid excess water), 1 small pack of mange tout and a packet of raw frozen king prawns from aldi. I also cooked 80g (dry weight) of brown rice. Generally speaking, in the week I tend to make double portions so I have enough for tomorrow’s lunch.

First things first, I like to cook my rice before I crack on with the veggies. I find trying to navigate my way through rice cooking and veg stirring tends to be a recipe for stuck to the bottom of the pan rice, soggy veggies or both. Lovely. So what I tend to do is cook the rice first, turn off the heat and leave the lid on for the rice to retain the heat a bit.

For the veggie pan, I always start by softening the garlic and red onion first with a tiny bit of chilli oil. Then I add in the chunkier veg – in this case the courgette. It’s around this time when I whack the frozen broccoli and green beans in a bowl with a splash of water, cover with cling film and microwave for about 5 minutes. About 4 minutes into the microwaving process I added the spring onion, mange tout and prawns and stirred until the mange tout to the veggie pan into the mange tout shows signs of softening and the prawns have began to turn from grey to pink in colour. When the broccoli and green beans are done, drain the excess water off and stir into the pan with the rest of the veggies. To add a bit more flavour, at this point I like to add in some oyster sauce and a small splash of soy sauce. VOILA!


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