The Tired Foodie


The problem with being a foodie is that sometimes, you just can’t be arsed. Now, don’t get it twisted – you will never, ever find me skipping dinner because I can’t be bothered to cook, or microwaving a tin of macaroni cheese after a hard day at work. Not because I’ve got some sort of superiority complex but because I’m obsessed with food. Every single day I wake up, and my first thought is usually what food I’m going to eat for breakfast. I plan out my meals for the week – not to save time, money and effort (although those are bonuses), but because I hate being sat at work at 3pm, not knowing what’s for tea. I like to gently prepare my pallet, like an athlete would warm up before a workout.

Unfortunately though, on days like today, my incessant need to have a home cooked meal that isn’t a) boring or b) processed junk food, is a bloody curse. For some unearthly reason I woke up at 4am instead of 5, when my alarm was actually set. I arrived at the venue of the event I was coordinating at 7am, rallied around for 3 hours setting up the venue and signing in delegates, then worked until 3.30pm. I’ve just gotten in from my day, and I know I have a 3 mile run on my training schedule to complete this evening. The thought of chopping up fiddly bits of onion and garlic, or grinding herbs in a pestle and mortar is just not something I can entertain at this point. Or at least not without wanting to punch myself in the face.

So today I tried out a Jamie Oliver recipe. He has recipes on his site that specify that they serve one person. I chose the roasted chicken with lemony bombay potatoes. A dish that pleasingly uses one bowl and one pan! Hurrah! Take that, washing up bowl! You can find the complete recipe and method by following this link to his website. It literally took me about 7 minutes to prep this dish, and 30 minutes to roast. Which was conveniently just enough time to write the bulk of this post. Sometimes, life just works out nicely doesn’t it?

I’m just saying that yes, sometimes being a foodie can be a plague, because you don’t want to faff around, but you also don’t want to settle for a naff tea. Recipes like this one really prove to me that you can cook a tasty meal for one, that isn’t just a run of the mill tuna jacket potato, even when you’re absolutely knackered. You just have to find the recipes that work.


2 thoughts on “The Tired Foodie

  1. I have never skipped a meal in my life…I don’t know how people forget to eat. If you’re interested, I’d love for you to share a post at the a blog link up I’m hosting today. All you need is a URL of a post you’d like to contribute. It’s a great little circle of bloggers!
    xoxo K


    1. It literally baffles me. If I go for more than four hours without food I’m unlikely to be able to focus on anything but my roaring stomach!
      Ahh cool! I definitely will submit something!


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