The Innocent Burger


I am here to tell you that burgers get a bad fucking rep.  Here’s the thing. Imagine McDonalds and Burger King and all those nasty little kebab shops didn’t exist for a minute. A burger is essentially beef and bread. Beef – good source of iron, protein, vitamin b12 and zinc. Bread – yeah ok unless we’re talking about wholewheat I can’t really think of a dietary benefit, but a good burger bun completes the burger eating experience and if you ask me, that’s good for the soul. Yeah! Take that! Burgers become problematic when they are made from poor quality meat with very high fat content, stabilizers and god knows what e number chemical type crap mass producers are passing off as edible these days; and are fried off using oil or left to cook in their own fat, burger van style.

Making your own burgers from scratch is one of the easiest culinary expeditions in the world, and yet so many of us shy away from it. For the burger pictured, I used a mix of extra lean beef and pork mince, some dry parsley and salt and pepper for seasoning. I mixed all of these ingredients together (trying not to overwork the mince – the less ‘smushed’ the burger meat, the juicer the burger) and then used my hands to form the meat into burger patties. Chill in the fridge for 20 minutes to half an hour, just so that the burger holds its shape a bit better when it’s cooking, and whack on a George Foreman style grill. The best thing about these type of grills is that they drain off so much excess fat that would otherwise be hanging out in your arteries. Sweet!

From here you can choose to make the burger as healthy or as unhealthy as you like. I’d had a bit of a rough day and wanted to cheer myself up, so I added one slice of red Leicester cheese and served the burger in brioche bun with home made sweet potato wedges and a big mixed salad. (Side note, I need to stop using food to cheer myself up. My relationship with food is way too emotional. Small steps). Alternatively, you could skip the bun and cheese and opt to wrap the burger in a big iceberg lettuce leaf, LA style. You might want to add sliced gherkins, chopped avocado, tomato, fried egg, or a big grilled mushroom. The possibilities are limitless. Just remember that if you have good ingredients and a good method of cooking, you can’t go far wrong.


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