Cheddar, Sweet Potato and Kale Mash 


Have you ever had an accidental moment of genius? Because today I did. On Sunday, I cooked myself some lamb loins, sweet potato mash, roasted carrots and kale. I had leftover mash and kale, so I had planned to make bubble and squeak cakes with gammon and fried egg.

However, just after I got home from work I remembered it’s my Nan’s birthday tomorrow, and my parents are holding a good old fashioned BBQ for her. Not wanting to turn up empty handed, I decided to make a recipe I found via the Shayloss YouTube channel – quinoa, tomatoes, coriander, jalapeño, onions, garlic, lime, cumin, olive oil, corn and black beans. It’s a pretty simple recipe, but involves lots of prep. So by the time I’d chopped all of the ingredients, cooked the quinoa, washed the pots and done all of the boring, grown up things associated with cooking; the last thing I wanted to do was fiddle around forming perfectly shaped bubble and squeak cakes and then attempt to cook them in a way that was healthy, but would allow the cakes to hold their shape. No fanku.

Instead, I chopped the kale, added 20g of mature cheddar and microwaved. And oh. my. god. if my tongue could leap out of my throat and do one of those Michael Jackson grabby crotch thrust things with a *heeee heeee*, I swear it would have done! Such a simple accompaniment to gammon but such flavour pay off. As I said, I chose to have it with a gammon steak with the fat removed and a dry fried egg (do not attempt to do this without a good none stick pan – it will only lead to heartache). Seriously, anybody reading this HAS to try this recipe. Sweet potato can be counted as a portion of vegetables, and so can kale. That’s two of your five a day in one incredibly tasty recipe. I mean come on. That doesn’t happen very often. TRY IT!


Overall verdict: The trophy cupboard of top comfort food recipes has gained a new bobby dazzler.


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