5.30am Runs – Not Entirely Painful!

exercise, fitness, running, weight loss

Today was one of the rare occasions where I manage to extract myself from between my bedsheets at 5am ready to go for a run at 5.30. It takes a special kind of motivation to get up at that sort of time when you don’t have to. Even though at the time it feels like the most painful thing in the entire world, I always feel so good for doing it, and swear to myself I’m going to stick to it forever more. That usually lasts until I wake up to good ole’ British rain. Ain’t nobody got time for dat at 5.30 in the dang morning.

When I do manage to get up for an early bird run though, it makes my entire day. The world seems different at 5.30am, especially in the Spring/Summer time. At 5.30am, with nobody else around bar the couple of other early morning runners, you can almost forget that the world can be such a problematic place most of the time. I should also mention that at that time of day, I love seeing other runners. I like nodding at them in acknowledgement like we’re part of a club. In a weird way, it motivates me to keep going, even when my calves are screaming at me.

Does anybody else get that?

The best thing about 5.30am runs though? Free license to put your pyjamas on and watch Big Bang Theory straight after work, guilt free.


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