Running til I die

fitness, running

 About a month ago I moved out of my parents house into my own little crib in a different city, closer to work. This put paid to the nice little running route I’d worked out for myself in the cute village where my family reside. I now live in a city, which is seemingly 80% hills.  It’s taken me an entire month to work up the courage and motivation to get out there and try and find myself a new running route. The mixture of a more challenging terrain and not knowing where I was going scared me a bit. But today I put my anxieties behind me, donned my Lycra and running shoes, breathed deep and jogged off like a fat, female, short Rocky.  40 minutes and 3 miles later I returned back to my front door, missing the comfort of my flat little village very very much. It wasn’t my best run by any stretch of the imagination, as I’m sure you can tell from my time. I think because I was anxious to get out again, and had this voice in the back of my mind telling me I needed to run faster so people wouldn’t think I was just an out of shape fatty attempting to run for the first time, I set out way too fast up a half mile hill, and spent the rest of my run trying to counteract. I had to walk for a couple of minutes at some points, because the hills just killed me. It’s so irritating that certain people make fun of overweight people trying to exercise and make healthy choices. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t; so I suppose you might as well say ‘fuck it’ and do your own thing.  Anyway, in spite of all of that, I’m actually feeling great. I’m so pleased I finally got back out there. The endorphin rush after a hard run is incredible, and I feel motivated to get off my jiggly behind and actually do something with my day, other than sit and watch videos on YouTube.    Also, on a side note, the new Hovis wholemeal seeded bread makes some of the most delicious toast I’ve ever tasted!


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