Slow Roasted Chicken Sunday’s!

food, sunday

You’ll have to accept the most sincere of apologies for the less than elegant photo today’s blog is sporting. The truth is, sometimes food is just a bit too enticing to bother photographing before you shove forkfuls of mashed potatoes into your mouth like some kind of depraved carb addict. It’s only as you swallow that first delicious mouthful that you realise – ‘oh crap, this would have been a pretty good photo op’. So this photo now serves as a prime example that no amount of ‘refluffing’ of mashed potatoes can return them to their former unspoiled, gravy spilled godliness.

Oh well.

Slow roasted chicken is one of the best things on the world, fact. Ever since I tried it, I can’t comprehend cooking a chicken using the typical packet instructions. Sure they get the job done quicker, but you don’t get juicy breast meat or succulent legs which fall off the bone. What an atrocity!

Catherine was still here today, so being the best hostess of all time, I popped the chicken in the oven on approximately 100 degrees at 10am. 2pm swung by and out came the chicken, crispy skinned (although that was quickly discarded after yesterday’s food festival gorge), juicy fleshed and raring to be eaten! To season the chicken, I coated the raw bird in a drizzle of olive oil, salt, pepper, half a teaspoon of dried parsley and a teaspoon of dried thyme. I stuffed half a lemon in the chicken cavity and sliced the rest up and placed strategically on top.

And that is my back to front teaching of how to slow roast a chicken, haha! Clearly my minor in English at University did the world of good!


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