Naan Bread Pizza?

food, weight loss

Today I went on a training course for work, called Balancing the Books. I have to hand it to the facilitator, he took what (for most people) is a topic as dry as the actual Sahara after a particularly warm summer, and made it as entertaining as it could possibly be. But I mean…come on. There is only so much joy to be found in budgeting, liquidation and whole time equivalents.

So when I finally got home after 90 minutes of hellish rush hour traffic, I was a) ravenous, and b) in no mood to faff around in the kitchen. Queue naan bread pizza and salad. Since losing weight, I have adopted the nifty ability to knock together a salad in approximately 2.6 seconds. So there’s that.

For the pizza, take one garlic and coriander naan bread, a squirt of tomato purée spread over the top, a sprinkle of chilli and garlic granules, top with mozzerella, bacon with all fat removed and the meat from 1 chipolata sausage. Whack in the oven for 20 minutes and Bob is one’s proverbial uncle. Granted, cheese and sausage aren’t going to be on any top health food lists in women’s health magazine any time soon, but everything in moderation. Plus, the surface area of the naan is way less than that of a pizza base, meaning that logically, you just can’t cram as much cheese on top of that. Clever, eh?


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