Foodie Recommendation – Moon Sha, Derby

food, sushi

A couple of days ago, time hop informed me that this time last year I was eating this glorious meal. This is sushi from a place called Moon Sha in Derby, UK. Now, Derby doesn’t have a great deal going for it, but if there’s one thing that would keep me going back its this sushi. I mean, I suppose i might go back to see then ole’ family but… Them and this sushi!

The building itself is spread out over two floors, although the top floor caters more to those night owls who might enjoy a spot of tipsy traditional Japanese karaoke after their dinner. The ground floor is my own personal heaven though. The teppenyaki chef’s station is central to the room, surrounded by a square bar where diners can sit and watch their dinner being made in front of them.

The sushi is some of the best I’ve ever had, with the rice tasting fresh and sticky, rather than rubbery and bland like the sushi you’re likely to find in supermarket packets. I also really love that with a lot of Japanese food, you’re able to eat really healthily without losing out on flavour.

I think a lot of people are still intimidated by sushi, and assume they’re going to be served a concoction of raw fish fillets and not much else. Trust me, it’s far more than that.

If you’re in the midlands, I would 100% recommend you give this place a go!


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