Sugar Craving Induced Shortbread


This morning I had one of those terrifying moments where you wake up in bed, absolutely convinced that your alarm hasn’t gone off and you’re five hours late for work and about to get sacked. So after a moment or two of the kind of panic that could probably bring on a mild heart attack, I checked my phone and realised it was actually 5:28 AM. Perhaps the most unfortunate moment of my morning was the fact that my actual alarm went off 2 minutes later, at 5.30 AM. I work in a development company, and today I was coordinating a workshop in a different city, so had to get up extra early to pick my boss up and get us both there safely. (PS, Driving your boss anywhere = terrifying). What I’m trying to say is it’s been a long day!

When I came home at about 5.30 PM, I had every intention of going for a run, but then I sat down and sort of…didn’t get up. I figure it’s OK though. It’s only Thursday and I’ve already done three workouts this week. So in this little story, I’m sat there, definitely not running,  but quite contrarily craving anything containing a relatively high sugar/butter content. But the problem is, by this point my pyjamas had gone on, and in my world, once those pj bottoms slide up over my lily white legs, they do not come off again until morning.

BASICALLY, what I’m trying to say is at half 7 on a Thursday evening, I’m baking shortbread because I’m too lazy to get off my bum, get changed and walk to the shop to buy something sweet. But this way is better right? I get to share the fruits of my laziness/labour with my work colleagues tomorrow, practise baking skills, use the mixer I bought when I first got a ‘real’ job last year….

I think the bottom of line of this post, is if you give me five minutes I can literally convince myself of anything I want to believe.


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